Interact & Network

Interact & connect with your peers and exhibitors to share ideas, ask questions and learn

Peer Discussion Forums

Join peer discussion groups throughout Cloud Conventions week.  Forums are organized by topic or attendee type and offer opportunities to share ideas, talk strategy or ask questions of your peers.  A daily forum digest email gives you updates on forum activity.

Live Chat with Exhibitors

Virtual booths have live chat rooms to go online and interact in real time with company representatives.  Get your questions answered, see what other people are asking, and find out more of what you need to know about their services.  One on one meetings are available through the virtual booth calendar.

Nightly Virtual Cocktails

Join different hosts each night for a virtual cocktail party.  Prepare your favorite drink and have appetizers handy and come ready for a lively conversation.  Chat to the hosts, ask questions and get their feedback on the state of business and our industry.