Virtual or Live Events

Planning a Virtual Event for Your Organization?

If you are thinking about “going virtual” for the first time to either replace or enhance a trade show, conference or exhibition, you need a playbook to guide you.  This eBook will present you with a virtual event strategy, give you a real- life example of how that strategy was executed, and show you the technology strategy used to automate the process with ConveyLive.

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Live Event

Virtual Event

Travel is expensive

Air fare, hotels, meals, entertainment and miscellaneous travel expenses add up when staff has to travel to the event venue.

No travel expenses

No need to travel with a virtual event because the event is delivered online.  

Create, ship, setup, man the booth

Designing, building, shipping and assembling the trade show booth, getting carpet, furniture, power and add ons cost money.

Easy online setup virtual booth

Simply add virtual content & advertising (that you probably already have) and the booth is ready to go!

Staff has time away from the office

Often times some of your valuable employees are away from their standard responsibility to attend an event.

Staff stays home with limited time commitments

Staff stays home with no time away from work due to travel, manning the booth, or attending the event.

Hard to keep track of engagement

Visitors come by the booth, look around and are gone in an instant before you can scan their badge.  Who was really engaged?  What peeked their interest?  Hard to know!

Know who is engaging

Virtual visitors are easily tracked when they enter your booth, fill out a form, or look at your content.

Expensive marketing materials

Investment in marketing materials may be wasted as attendees take them and lose them later.  Printing brochures and marketing slicks adds up.

Content & marketing is low cost and always available

Marketing materials are always available and ready to download so they never get lost.  Save money by not having to create printed materials.

Limited times to connect

Attendees visit you only during exhibit hall hours and if they find your booth.  When the show shuts down, your contact with attendees shuts down.

Always open & interactive

Virtual events and booths are open and online 24 X 7.  Attendees look at their convenience.  Booths have online calendars to book meetings and live chat rooms are available to interact with attendees.