In the Know

Be “in the know” with industry trends, new services, success strategies, new business models

Industry Trends

It’s always a good idea to get the “low-down” on where the industry is headed because the pace of change is lightening fast! Understand the M&A environment, new technology trends, and the changing landscape of the industry.

New Services

Your customers are buying services that create recurring revenue that others are selling to them. Explore new options to generate incremental revenue from existing customers and new prospects by knowing about new vendors and new services that accelerate your growth.

Success Stories

Hear directly from channel sellers who are having success in specific industry segments, using creative sales and marketing strategies, leveraging their vendor relationships, and getting deals and referrals from their existing customer base.

New Models

The master agent and distributor models are changing, creating new opportunities for channel sellers. Explore these evolving business models and learn how sellers are benefitting by having more options than ever to partner.