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Events were live May 11 - 14, recorded, and posted in Cloud Conventions.

Monday, May 11th

Dr. Sandra Newes

Develop Resilience to Weather the Crisis

Nationally-recognized psychologist Dr. Sandy Newes specializes in helping individuals develop resilience to manage through difficult situations. Join her as she shares how to translate what she does in her individual practice to help you or your team develop resilience in times of crisis so they can stay focused, productive and mentally healthy.

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Suvrey Monkey Panel

Panel Discussion with Survey Monkey Executives Rebecca Cantieri and Leela Srinivasan

When coronavirus came, everything we leaders thought we knew about managing teams went out the window. In the absence of a best practices playbook for leadership during pandemics, we’re all having to write the rules as we go. Join Chief Marketing Officer Leela Srinivasan and Chief People Officer Becky Cantieri for an open conversation about how SurveyMonkey’s executive team is leaning into employee feedback during this crisis to lead their employees with confidence. Leela and Becky share their experiences and take questions from attendees.

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Panel Discussion

The Changing Landscape – Contact Center Operations after COVID19

Contact Center Operations, especially centers run by major enterprises and BPO’s have traditionally been firmly anchored in the “bricks and mortar” model and have maintained large Contact Center facilities across the United States and throughout the world to provide voice, email, chat and social media support services.While many have deployed virtual home-based agents as part of their workforce, these groups have been smaller teams and represent a small percentage of the overall Contact Center operation. In recent years some enterprises and BPO’s have emerged with fully virtual, purpose-built Contact Centers designed specifically to remotely recruit, train and operate. Others have deployed hybrid models incorporating a mostly home-based workforce with a smaller “bricks and mortar” presence.Since March 2020, Contact Centers across the world have been forced to almost instantly deploy all teams and agents to a completely virtual model. Hear from industry experts, how this is impacting the Contact Center industry and what their predictions are for what will come next.

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Teddy Liaw

Going Virtual - Surviving and Thriving in Times of Change

Join NexRep, CEO Teddy Liaw for an insightful conversation moderated by Cloud Conventions 2020 Chair, Carolyn Bradfield. Liaw is a successful serial entrepreneur and an early investor in purpose-built virtual businesses and technology platforms. He’s an engaging and energetic speaker and he’ll share his thoughts on the emerging virtual workforce, Contact Center operations, the Gig Economy and how companies can develop successful “go forward” strategies to not only ensure survival during these challenging times but to thrive.

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Pete Jones

Transform Working from Home into ‘WOWing from home’!

The impact of Coronavirus has turned contact centers upside down, and sent companies and agents scrabbling to be able to provide acceptable levels of service from home. But is this enough? Can we do more? How can companies make sure home working agents are effective and provide service levels and sales performance they can be proud of? From across the Pond, learn how Pete Jones is helping contact centers fight back, by using technology to turn the crisis into an opportunity, bringing visual interaction to calls, creating a brand new & unique multi-sensory experience, making it fun for agents, WOWing customers, and strengthening connections between them both. Also, check in with Pete on how he, Boris and the UK are weathering the crisis and getting ready to re-emerge from lockdown stronger than before.

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Don Hutson

Sell Value, Not Price!

Has this ever happened to you? “Your price is too high.” “Is that your best price?” “What kind of deal can you give me if I buy from you instead of XYZ company?” These are among the most dreaded words a sales person can hear. An average sales person may say: “Is there anything else that may convince you to buy this product?” Some sales people are somewhat successful by using a “planned” script or dialogue, but more often, most stammer, offering a weak response. In either case, they often get the sale at the expense of their margin, or lose it all together. Hopefully, you’ve never lost the sale using an ultimatum like: “That is my best price. Take it or leave it!” More often than not, this sales person will lose the sale altogether forfeiting not only the sale, but future sales by abusing the relationship.

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Justin Barnes

Fast-emerging Trends in Telehealth

Justin will speak on the fast-emerging trends around Telehealth, remote patient monitoring, remote care management and virtual care.

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Mike Schmidtmann

Meet the Rainmakers

Join this interesting panel moderated by Mike Schmidtmann, frequent speaker at Channel Partners and sales training expert, who talks to the “Rainmakers” in the channel and in sales to give you an idea of what has made them successful. Mike is always on point, always interesting and will help you discover the secrets to becoming a Rainmaker.

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David Meerman Scott

Turning Customers into Fans in Challenging TImes

Why do some brands, even in supposedly mundane categories like car insurance and enterprise software, attract not just customers, or even loyal customers, but passionate fans? These brands have learned to provide the human connection people are now longing for. David Meerman Scott calls it a Fanocracy. Creating fandom isn’t just for actors, athletes, musicians, and authors. Fandom can be rocket fuel for any company or organization that chooses to focus on inspiring and nurturing true fans. This is especially true during the Covid-19 situation we’re all living under right now. In today’s lockdown reality, marketers and salespeople have an opportunity to use online media and especially video to engage viewers when face-to-face interaction is no longer an option. An understanding of what’s going on in our brains as we watch a video teaches us a simple but powerful way to make our videos more effective, driving engagement, and building fans.

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Surprise Hosts!

Virtual Cocktail Party

Prepare your favorite cocktail and join your party hosts for a lively cocktail and conversations event.