David Meerman Scott

David Meerman Scott

Coaching Services

David Meerman Scott Coaching

David works directly with you and your team to create the marketing strategies that reach buyers at the moment they are ready, instead of bombarding them with advertising they’ll likely ignore. Create a tactical, actionable plan to reach buyers directly and in real-time.

David coaches on a step-by-step framework for building a real-time marketing strategy that gets results.

David works with organizations in two ways: Live and in person in your offices or a virtual session on video. The in-person session is typically a full day and includes from a handful to a hundred people on your team. The virtual coaching is 90 minutes, and either option includes a month of email followup.

David draws from his experience delivering measurable results to many different organizations. He served in executive positions as marketing VP for two publicly-traded U.S. media and information firms. He has an instinctive global view, having worked nine years based in Tokyo and Hong Kong. Currently, he is an advisor to a half-dozen emerging companies, providing strategic advice that delivers faster growth.

Real-Time Mindshift: Live,
In-Person Team Coaching

David Meerman Scott comes to your office to coach your team to reimagine ways to reach your audiences. Learn to take advantage of new real-time marketing and sales realities. Then, set your organization up to exceed your goals by implementing new low cost (and no cost) strategies and tactics that are proven to grow business.

Private, Virtual Coaching Session

The strategy session is ideal for those who want David’s advice on a particular marketing challenge. David reviews your challenge prior to the call, engages with you via telephone or Zoom to discuss your goals in detail and he then offers specific strategy and tactical suggestions. This session also includes one month of email or social network interaction after the call.